Mineral Composition Of Himalayan Pink Salt

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Mineral Composition Of Himalayan Pink Salt

February 3, 2022 Ecommerce 0


Citric acid is an organic compound that is prevalently found in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. This is a colorless weak acid. This can be purchase easily from any local grocery shop or supermarkets. It has a salty and spicy taste that is commonly used as food preservatives and additives as flavors. One can buy citric acid in different amounts according to the requirements in food preparation and bath bombs etc. in comparison to the citric acid; there is Himalayan pink salt which is a rock salt extracted from mines areas. It is majorly referred as sea salt and is believed to be healthier intake option than the conventional table salt or sodium chloride. Mostly this is involved in spices or in cooking processes.

Easy buy citric acid

Citric acid is an organic compound that is predominantly employed in cooking and offers a sour taste to the dish. One can buy citric acid from any shop of grocery and its use depends upon the type of plan it is involved in. Commonly the most potential use of citric acid is in manufacturing industries owing to its strong preservative chelating properties. One can even buy citric acid for laboratory experiments either in anhydrous or mono-hydrous form.

It is better to decide the quantity to buy citric acid first as usually it is use in small amounts in households. For this residential use, it can be purchased locally; however, for extensive commercial use citric acid needs to be bulk in amount and is attained through large stores and via online services. In addition to this, the chemical supply centers also deal in with selling of citric acids.

Composition of Himalayan pink salt

The type of salt which is extracted from the mines and mountain ranges of South Asia and appear pink in color is referred as the Himalayan pink salt. It is a potential alternative to the traditionally use table salt in cooking. It is way better than the sodium chloride and is less stressful for the human body to consume it. The Himalayan pink salt is mainly composed of small quantities of minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, potassium that are not involved in the preparation of normal salt. The chemical composition of the pink salt usually differs based on the type of source it is originated from.

The potential benefits one can receive by using Himalayan pink salt is the positive effects in the health of body. It imposes improvement in the respiratory movement and exhibit lowered blood pressure. Along with these, skin care routines are markedly enhanced with prevention of dehydration. Therefore, the pink salts are also used in the bath tubs for better skin.


One can buy citric acid from shops if required in small amounts for household purposes, whereas, for commercial use it is received from professional stores. The Himalayan pink salt is a healthier approach added in cooking by replacing the use of table salt.