A Comprehensive Managing Safety Course!

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A Comprehensive Managing Safety Course!

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working at heights course online

Platinum safety, training and working at heights course online can let you understand what matters to the team working in extreme environments. Therefore, they provide training courses from experts with extensive knowledge and experience in maintaining a reliable, and safe workplace. Their confined space course will provide all the introductory lectures to your workers to efficiently work at great heights, and in confined spaces while getting the ticket to be recognized as a professional who is holding a license.

What have their courses been designed for?

For confined spaces:

Mostly confined spaces bring unseen challenges like working at heights course online, or hazardous materials, extreme temperatures, or the potential to fall. Every year there have been almost 1000 deaths in the confined spaces. Therefore, having the correct information related to confined space can mean a lot.  Platinum safety and training, understand that the proper preparation, planning, and equipment can mean a lot to safely getting in and out of the room.

Most common types of risks in the confined spaces involved:

  1. Falls
  2. Loss of consciousness
  3. Toxic chemicals
  4. Explosions or fire
  5. Engulfment
  6. Drowning

Therefore, here are the significant elements of their confined space course:


Before executing the work in the confined space, it is essential to start with the site evaluation then have all the related documents and plan for safe entries in the confined space.


You also need to understand that what you must have to be in the confined space that particularly include-the full hazard assessment.

Work inside:

While sending the personnel inside, it is essential to provide them with the appropriate personal protective equipment to protect them from unforeseen hazards.

Retrieval and rescue:

Your team must have a backup plan for rescue and retrieval.

For working at height:

Platinum safety and training considers the vitality of both one site and off-site working at heights course online that meet every requirement for your personnel while dealing with heights. Each of their courses correctly ensures that every worker must have all the skills to work at heights in a range of different situations. Once the system is completed, the candidate will learn legislative requirements and will be able to undertake the hazard assessment while working at height.

For first aid courses:

It is super important that every employee must be fully aware of the basic first aid that demands their workplace. Most of the courses are specifically designed to train your staff online while assuring you the confidence to deal with any confined space course with a significant skill level. Along with that, some basics first aid elements are taught as mandatory like:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR
  • Low voltage rescue and CPR

Fire emergency training:

Fire emergency training is also essential while training the staff to create a safe environment at your workplace. Therefore, special attention has been given to fire extinguisher training, chief warden, and fire warden training.


All in all, these are the essential elements that must be taught to every employee to create a safe workplace environment.