All You Need To Know About Corporate Event Planners

We often go to the events like seminars, conferences, trade shows, golf events, promotional events, team building events, product launch events and many more such events. Sometime we get stunned by the exotic set up of the event, this set up or whole organization is done by the event planners. These event planners definitely differ from the wedding planners or the party organizers so does their concept and ideas. Corporate event planner is the backbone of any business event and organizes these events successfully. In this article, we will be discussing everything about the corporate event planners.

Corporate event planners:

Corporate event planners are the people who plans, organizes and strategizes the whole business event. Their job is not just to organize the event but it is much more than that. They must have the excellent communication skills so that they can interact with the guests present in the event and must always be ready to face any moment of crisis. The whole process of corporate event planning begins with the selection of venue where the event has to be organized. Then security system is installed, sound system is checked, caterers and event staff members are hired. However, the work of corporate event planners sSydney does not finish here rather the real test begins as he has to deal with the guests and at the same time keep the check on his event staff members.

Types of events organized by corporate event planners:

As the name implies, corporate event planners organizes the corporate events. These events might include seminars, press conferences, product launches, customer social events, industry award ceremonies and shareholder briefings.

Difference between social event planners and corporate event planners:

There lays a great difference between social event planners and corporate event planners. Social event planners are the planners who organize your social parties like wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, birthday parties, etc. They have the perfect vision of organizing such events but they will not be able to carry out the job of corporate event planners and vice versa. As corporate event planners specifically organizes business events or promotional events. In such events, they not just have to organize the event but also have to promote the targeted activities which helps in delivering company’s message to the people present in the event.


Huge scale events are organized by huge agencies or firms as they take lot of hard work and time to be organized. There are basically two types of events which are named as social events and business events. Promotional events are also counted as the category of business events. Social events are organized by social event planners while business or promotional events are organized by corporate event planners. Corporate event planners not just organize the whole event but also try to promote the product throughout the event by different innovative ways. Events like seminars, press conferences, product launch are organized by corporate event planners. “Live works” offers the best corporate event planners